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The angry father complex

A very good posting on our views of the Father. This has some healing wisdom build in.

A journey from the mind back to the heart...

“Brooks was here”

– movie-scene: “The Shawshank Redemption”

Brooks had been in prison most of his life.  He was sentenced to prison when he was a young boy; merely a teenager.  He had never known the comfort of a warm family-nest.  His mother, plagued by youth trauma, was unable to give him affection.  He never encountered the embrace of his father, who was supposed to guide him into the process of manhood; offering him a stable foundation on which he could balance his feet during the storms of life.

Suppressed anger, utter rejection and loneliness had become a lethal cocktail causing a violent outburst at a young age, at the cost of another man’s life, leaving children fatherless.  In a split second, decades were aborted from his life.  Decades later, during the twilight of his life, an old man, stripped from the joys life could have offered him, the system…

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