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The Airport Angel – Der Flughafenengel

A couple of years ago I was in the States. On that particular journey I had a couple of Angelic Encounters and obvious experiences of Gods manifest presence. For example he sent me an Angel on my way back to Germany. I was at the Airport and there was quite a mess at the Check-in Desks. There were only two International counters and just before it was my turn they closed them. I stood there, thinking “Papa, now what?” A middle aged man came up to me asking “International flight?” I said “Yes” and he took me to one of the counters, checked me in, in the shortest time. How did he know I was “international?!”

And then there is this typical female syndrome I have – excess baggage. The summer sales were on in the States while I was there and there were a few things that ended up in my suitcase on my way back home. When that gentleman directed me to the counter, I had that in mind, thinking of how much I might have to pay for that overweight. But that Angel didn’t seem to care, he checked me in and within seconds I had my ticket and the Angel disappeared. Wow! He was literally just sent to check me in, he wasn’t there before and afterwards I didn’t see him anymore either. My God is awesome!

Have you ever encountered Gods messengers? We can be sure that GOD has his Angels everywhere. We can expect that He sends them to us. Heaven is among us and His messengers are everywhere. Expect them!

Als ich vor ein paar Jahren in den USA war, hatte ich etliche besondere Begegnungen mit Engeln und anderen deutlichen Erlebnissen der manifesten Gegenwart Gottes.Er schickte mir z.B. einen Engel auf der Rückreise, ich war am Flughafen und an den Check-in Schaltern herrschte ein ziemliches Chaos. Es gab nur zwei internationale Schalter und kurz bevor ich an der Reihe war, wurden diese geschlossen. Ich stand da und dachte, „PAPA, was nun?“ Ein Herr mittleren Alters kam zu mir und sagte, „Internationaler Flug?“, ich bejahte und er führte mich an einen Schalter und fertigte mich in Windeseile ab. Woran sah er nur, dass ich „international“ bin?

Und dann habe ich noch dieses typische Frauensyndrom – Übergepäck, nun, in Amerika war gerade Sommerschlussverkauf und den konnte ich mir ja nicht entgehen lassen, schließlich gab es geniale Angebote, und so manches war nun mehr in meinem Koffer auf der Heimreise gelandet. Als er mich so an der Reihe vorbei an den Schalter führte, hatte ich das im Hinterkopf, was ich wohl nachzahlen müsse. Aber das schien diesen Engel nicht zu interessieren, er fertigte mich ab, innerhalb weniger Sekunden hatte ich meine Tickets, und der Engel war verschwunden. Wow! Er war nur gesandt worden, mich abzufertigen, er war vorher nicht da und nachher war er auch nicht mehr zu sehen. Mein PAPA ist genial!

Hast Du auch Erfahrungen mit Gottes Boten? Wir dürfen uns dessen bewusst sein, dass Er Seine Engel überall im Einsatz hat. Wir dürfen es erwarten, dass Er sie uns schickt. Der Himmel ist mitten unter uns, und Seine Boten sind überall! Erwarte sie!


Papa God’s loving care in action

I recently went away on a trip to Germany to visit my lovely girlfriend Corrie. The flights I had booked with a known low-cost airline were going to leave Stansted Airport very early in the morning. Since I live in South Wales it is quite a trip to London Stansted and I wouldn’t have been able to travel there over night.

My initial plan was to stay at some friend’s house in Hammersmith. But on the day before the flight departure, I realised that Hammersmith is quite a distance away from Stansted Airport and staying with my friends over night wouldn’t have made much sense in terms of saving travel time. So I initially opted for spending the night at the airport, which I had done a few times in the past.

Later on that day I prayed over my decision and felt that Father didn’t want me to spend the night on the airport and felt to look for a reasonable priced Bed and Breakfast accommodation. I didn’t really think I would be able to find any on such short notice. It was meant to be for the evening of that same day.

But after only 2 to 3 minutes of looking I actually found a place very close to Stansted Airport. The reviews were mostly positive and the pictures looked promising. The price was very low for the area and my short notice booking. I gave them a call and reserved my single room and also booked transport from and to the airport for a very cheap fee.

I arrived at the airport after a long train journey and contacted the B&B to be picked up from there. A silver van collected a few other people and myself and drove us away for a few minutes. We stopped at a large 3 star country hotel site and I thought the driver would just let out the other guests and bring me to the B&B after. I was surprised to hear him tell me that this was meant to be my destination, too. He told me it was my lucky day and my booking had been upgraded.

Elated I entered the hotel and double checked the fee on the bill. It was the same and I was happy to provide payment details. I was given my room keys and it was actually an Executive Double Room. A bright and airy room with large windows, a nice big bed, a separate working space and a huge bath room you could have danced in. I was absolutely stunned and happy and just couldn’t stop thanking God for His wonderful provision. I felt treated like a king.

The next morning I woke up after a nice rest in a very comfortable bed. I later went to the restaurant for a quick, continental breakfast. As I sat down to have my food, I noticed huge wall painting on the opposite site of the room. The painting was showing scenes from the Paradise. Adam and Eve, animals and plants. I smiled to myself and burst into laughter. Must have looked a bit weird to the other guests at 5:15 in the morning.

After I saw that painting, I really knew who had organised that royal treatment for me that night.

Thank you Papa God!


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