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Supernatural peace

„The peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4,7)

Every now and then there are situations in life that steal the peace inside us. Do you experience that, too? Or is it just me? Situations where we react totally unspiritual even though we should know better. Situations where we feel so helpless and alone.

Recently I had such an experience. Over quite some time I had lots of problems with one tooth, after all a root canal treatment had to be done and even that did not really work out the way it is supposed to be. So I was sent to an Oral Surgeon, to cut off the root ends. I must confess I am NOT at all a Fan of Visits at the Dentist and now that … I was quite nervous. Due to several circumstances the surgery date had to be postponed. That did not really fill me with more anticipation for the upcoming surgery. The morning of the surgery I could sense how anxiety rose inside of me.

I did pray that God would be with me and take away my fear, but suddenly I realized, I had not taken over authority over those feelings of fear, authority I have through Christ Jesus. The above verse came to my mind. I spoke by faith and asked the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with His peace. I gave Him all fears and anxiety and trusted Him fully. It was amazing – minutes later I was totally at peace. I sensed how the Holy Spirit filled me and washed away all fear. When the time of the surgery got closer I was SO at peace. Wow! That was quite a lesson for me! I felt HIS presence during the entire surgery and knew I am comforted in HIM. The surgery went really well, there were no complications at all. I am so thankful to my heavenly Daddy for that and also for this “real life” lesson.

Try it out! You will experience that, too. Hand over to God situations that you can’t handle, he will take your hand and guide you through the fog into His glorious light. He is faithful to His promises!


When God steps in – Wenn Gott eingreift

Since Tom and I got engaged, I feel like something completely new has been released in me and it is so exciting to discover that.

A little while back we now set our wedding date – which is SO exciting!!! – and I thought in my naïve thinking that it would be easy to find a venue with 6 months time… but I was SO wrong, I felt a bit like Mary and Joseph must have felt, I got rejected everywhere, all Restaurants and official venues are booked out – literally every weekend, unbelievable. The date we picked for our Wedding has a meaning to us and I just knew in my Spirit that God would make a way. So I gave God our Day and prayed with childlike faith that HE would work a creative miracle, literally opening something up for us that was booked before and to top it – in our favorite location.

In the meantime we’ve been considering to switch to Friday or Sunday, but that would make it harder for our International Guests to come…. I kept believing and then I got to witness how ABBA stepped in and literally created OUR space…. I felt that I must call that one Restaurant again, the same Lady as the week before was on the line (yay!). I told her that I had called a week earlier – she remembered – and asked her about Friday or Sunday in our desired week.

She said “They are both free. But your favorite date was that Saturday, right?”

Me “Yes!“  (inside I was giggling already, knowing what was about to happen – because GOD just rocks!)

She “Well, we do have a 30th birthday reservation, but they didn’t give us any numbers, wait a second, please. I am gonna talk to the boss….. well, you are in!“

All Glory to God, it was SO easy! Just letting GOD do what HE prepared already. That was another “life lesson” for me – to not strive! If God prepared it, he will do it no matter what it is! And I get to watch HIM to do.

Be encouraged Friend – let God be God in your life and follow HIS direction!



Seit Tom und ich verlobt sind, spüre ich, dass in mir etwas vollkommen Neues freigesetzt ist.  Es ist so spannend das zu entdecken.

Vor einer Weile haben wir unseren Hochzeitstermin festgelegt – dass allein ist schon SO spannend!!! – in meinem naiven Denken dachte ich, dass 6 Monate im Voraus bei Weitem ausreichen eine Lokalität zu finden. Aber ich lag vollkommen daneben! Ich fühlte mich ein bisschen wie Maria und Josef sich gefühlt haben müssen, überall bekam ich Absagen, alle Restaurants und Festsäle waren fett ausgebucht – wirklich jedes Wochenende, unglaublich! Das Datum was wir als Hochzeitsdatum ausgesucht haben, hat für uns eine Bedeutung. Ich wusste in meinem Geist, dass Gott einen Weg bahnen würde. Also gab ich Gott unseren Tag ab und betete mit kindlichem Vertrauen, dass ER ein kreatives Wunder wirken würde und etwas frei würde was vorher belegt war – um das Ganze noch zu einem größeren Wunder zu machen – in unserem Wunschlokal.

Mittlerweile überlegten wir auf Freitag oder Sonntag zu gehen, aber dann wäre es für unsere internationalen Gäste schwieriger zu kommen…. Ich glaubte weiter und konnte dann zuschauen wie ABBA einschritt und unseren Platz schuf. Ich spürte dass ich im Wunschlokal erneut anrufen soll, die selbe Dame wie die Woche war am Apparat, ich sagte ihr mein Anliegen, sie erinnerte sich an mich, ich fragte nach Freitag/Sonntag.

Sie sagte, „Das ist beides frei, aber sie wollten am liebsten den Samstag, richtig?”

Ich, “Ja” (in mir fing ich schon an zu jubeln, weil ich wusste was gleich passieren würde – weil Gott einfach genial ist!)

Sie, “nun da steht eine Geburtstagsfeier drin, aber die haben nur erst mal reserviert und wir haben keine weiteren Daten. Moment, ich rede mal mit dem Chef……der Chef sagt, sie können am Samstag hier feiern.”

Alle Ehre sei Gott, es war so leicht! Ich erlaubte Gott einfach das zu tun was Er schon vorbereitet hatte. Das war für mich eine echte „Lebenslektion“ – ich muss mich nicht abmühen. Wenn Gott es vorbereitet hat, wird er es auch tun – ganz egal was es ist! Und ich kann Ihm einfach dabei zuschauen wie Er es tut.

Sei ermutigt, liebe/r Freund/in – erlaube Gott, Gott zu sein in deinem Leben und folge Seiner Richtung!