glorycorrie & potamos

Journey our God let natural supernatural adventure with us


This is the joined blog of Corrie and Tom Sens. We’re both Christians with the dream of going into full time ministry to advance the Kingdom of God. You’ll be reading a bit more about us very soon. What would interest you? What would you like to know about each of us?

By the way, all our blog entries on this blog are in English, but there is also a fully hand translated German blog when you click on this text. The English texts are not a Google translation, but our own. Please be patient with us, we might not always get the translation right. Also, please notify us about any really funny or horrible errors.

Unseren Blog in deutscher Sprache findest du, wenn du auf diesen Text klickst.

Corrie and I

Corrie and Tom

2 thoughts on “About

  1. My hubby is wondering if you are from Germany and we would both love to hear/read your full testimony. How exciting you guys, maybe you can come to Australia for your honeymoon. 😉
    Love to you both
    Paul and Gabi

    • Hi Gabi!
      yes, we are both German, funny enough from the same state but never met here 😉
      Wow, if God provides the funds we would LOVE to come to Australia on our honeymoon!!!
      Blessings to you!!!

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