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When serpents come

Setbacks come in many forms. Whether it’s a setback in a relationship, with your career, or in another area, God has an answer! Bayless Conley explains how God can heal your heart, restore your hope, and bring renewed focus in When Serpents Come. Learn to shake off difficult obstacles and set-backs so you can move forward in your God-given destiny!

How to Respond When You’ve Been Cursed

About 10 years ago, after I returned from a trip to Nigeria, I began itching all over my body. At first I assumed it was an allergic reaction to a food or detergent. But I had no rash, and my doctor was baffled. He told me there was no apparent cause for the itching.

My skin was crawling. Lotion gave me no relief. Was this a spiritual attack?

I’m not the kind of guy who sees a demon behind every bush. But during my trip, I had confronted a Nigerian occult healer, and this man did not like me. I started wondering if he had cursed me after I challenged his deception.

I called my friend Mosy Madugba, a respected Nigerian minister, and he confirmed that this witch doctor, who is popular in Nigeria, does in fact curse people he considers enemies. Mosy prayed for me and asked God to break the power of any witchcraft aimed in my direction. Within a day the itching totally stopped. It never returned.

Thankfully I don’t experience this type of spiritual warfare often. But last year I had an even weirder experience—this time involving Christians who believe they have biblical grounds to curse people they don’t like.

Believe it or not there are believers who routinely ask God to send tragedy, financial misfortune or sickness to people they are angry with. I even know of pastors who curse people who leave their churches. (NOTE: A true pastor cares for wayward sheep; he doesn’t wish them harm.) In Nigeria, there are Christians who believe they have the right to pray for their enemies to die—and they have sponsored conferences on this topic!

Maybe you’ve never been the victim of a voodoo curse, but “charismatic witchcraft”—soulish prayer that is aimed to harm you—is more common than any of us wants to believe. Here are five simple ways you should respond whenever you are cursed:

1. Bless the person who cursed you. Several years ago someone posted a video online to discredit me. Some of my friends urged me to retaliate, but I knew my first response was to maintain a Christ-like attitude. I didn’t even watch the video for several weeks until I had prayed blessings on the person who was denouncing me. Romans 12:19 says: “Never take your own revenge, but leave room for the wrath of God.” We must live by the law of love and resist all temptation to become bitter.

Our normal reaction is to get angry when we discover someone is gossiping about us, spreading lies or praying angry prayers. But Jesus told us to chill out and let Him handle it. He said in Luke 6:27-8: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

2. Put up your spiritual shield. If you are a believer in Christ, you are hidden with Him. The Name of Jesus is a strong tower, and you will find safety from all spiritual danger when you call on Him. No witchcraft, no slanderous accusation, no evil curse can harm you when God is shielding you. Get in a place of prayer, and ask God to defend you. When David was running from Saul, he prayed: “The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped” (Psalm 28:7).

3. Close the door to demonic influences. The only way the devil can gain a foothold in our lives is if we leave a door open for him. Close and lock all doors! Eph. 4:27 says: “Do not give the devil an opportunity.” This means renouncing all known sin and making sure you have not allowed anything in your life (such as resentment or pride) or in your house (such as pornography or occultic objects or books) that could attract demonic activity.

4. Keep praising God. Witchcraft unleashes discouragement. After Elijah challenged Jezebel, she threatened to kill him—and the mighty prophet ended up depressed and suicidal (see 1 Kings 19:1-4). Witchcraft cannot harm you, but it can bring a darkness that sucks the joy out of you. The best weapon against a spirit of heaviness is praise.

The book of Psalms provides us with a playlist of David’s joyful response to the threats of his enemies. If you are under spiritual attack, it is possible to sing and shout your way out. When we praise God, the enemy is wrapped in chains, and he must shut up!

5. Brush it off. Spiritual attacks should not be ignored. But we shouldn’t fret over them, either. You have the Word of God. You have the Blood of Jesus. Your confession is powerful against the enemy. Martin Luther once wrote: “The devil has no real power over believers. He hates prayer, and flees from the cross and from the Word of God as from a flaming fire.”

You do not have to fear the curses of your enemies or the misguided prayers of hateful traitors. When David looked around and heard a demonic chorus of critics telling him he had no hope in God, he said: “I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustains me” (see Psalm 3:1-2). You can sleep in peace knowing that God is fighting your battles.

J. Lee Grady is the former editor of Charisma. You can follow him on Twitter at leegrady. You can learn more about his ministry, The Mordecai Project,

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A prophetic message for today – Eine prophetische Botschaft für heute

The following is a prophetic word given by John Kilpatrick on January 6th, we believe this will be a blessing for you!

This year many of you are going to wake up and realize that you are outgrown of where you are. All of the sudden you feel like a bird locked up in a cage. You didn’t feel that way yesterday. You feel desperate to get out and fly to the place that God prepared for you. The LORD will open the door.  You suddenly realize that you are prepared for more income, more responsibility, a different location, a change of address. Your clothes must be changed. Your name tag and your desk name plate also must be changed.

You’re ready? Its time! Even the devil can’t stop it, because it’s time. You are used to say “I can’t” But now all of the sudden you are raring to say “I go. I am ready.”

It looked as though things were over for you. You were sheered like Samson was sheered. You felt that your anointing was gone. But now you’ve woke up and you feel something tickling in the back of your neck. It’s a fresh growth of hair. Your anointing has returned. You thought that the Holy Spirit had bypassed you. Get ready, your most rewarding accomplishments are just around the corner, just as Samson was awaiting him.

Go ahead now and start rolling up your mat. Not an Angel is being sent to stir the pool but Jesus himself is passing by and you will receive your healing. Roll that mat up and get ready to walk. You’ve got better things to do that lay helplessly by a pool for the rest of your life. You’ve got things to do, places to go, things to say.  Your healing will be both in mind and in body. You will need to be healed in your mind so that you can begin to see yourself healed in your body. Your mind has already accepted that this is the way it’s always going to be. But it’s NOT! JESUS is passing by!

This year you will forget what it feels like to cry. Your laughter will be so deep and so long that it will be like a release on the inside. That you will not believe that it was just that morning you were crying and lonely and in despair. Within 12hrs he turned your mourning into dancing.

Elijah is passing by. He’s going to throw his mantle around you while you are plowing the yoke of the oxen. You are going to burn your plows. You are going to leave your secular work. You are going to slay the oxen. You’re going to pack up. You will finally begin your odyssey in the ministry God has promised you years ago.

There is a mighty rumbling. It’s the hooves of Gods angels coming to bring freedom. Their swords are drawn and their banners are flying. Your enemies that have tormented you are getting nervous. They are losing their influence over you now and confusion has already set in. They are scattering. They are becoming like loose soil where at once they held you like concrete. Your enemies will leave bounty and spoils that you will gather from the battle.  Not one shot will be fired. This is a battle the LORD himself will fight. Your enemies will scatter at the sound of the Lord of Hosts. This will be a sudden thing. Again I say this will be a sudden thing.

The investments you have made in someone very close to you will not be in vain. Those years of investment – prayers and intercession, the Lord is already at work untangling Satan’s web. That he, the devil has woven particularly over your son. The blindfold over his eyes is going to come off. He will begin to see clearly what he couldn’t see previously. He’ll see the trap that was laid for his very soul. When he’s free, he’s going to set you free.  God ahead and NOW rejoice. It’s as good as done.

You will sign your name this year to papers that will unlock your future. A simple signature on these documents will be the key that will unlock many locks. It will be like a chain reaction. This document will now lead to future contracts. It’s your childhood dream.


Das Folgende ist eine Prophetie, die John Kilpatrick am 6.01.2013 gab, wir glauben, dass sie dir ein Segen sein wird!

Dieses Jahr werden viele von euch aufwachen und feststellen, dass du dem entwachsen bist, wo du bist. Plötzlich fühlst du dich wie ein Vogel, der in einem Käfig eingesperrt ist. Gestern fühltest du dich noch nicht so. Du sehnst dich danach rauszukommen und an den Ort zu fliegen, den Gott für dich vorbereitet hat. Der HERR wird die Tür öffnen. Plötzlich spürst du, dass du vorbereitet bist für mehr Einkommen, mehr Verantwortung, einen anderen Ort, eine Adressänderung. Deine Kleidung muss sich verändern. Dein Namensschild und das Schildchen auf deinem Schreibtisch muss sich verändern.

Bist du bereit? Es ist Zeit! Selbst der Teufel kann es nicht aufhalten, denn es ist Zeit. Du warst es gewohnt zu sagen, „Ich kann nicht.“ Doch jetzt bist du in den Startlöchern zu sagen, „Ich gehe. Ich bin bereit.“

Es sah so aus, als seien die Dinge für dich vorbei. Du wurdest wie Simson geschoren. Du fühltest dich, als sei deine Salbung weg. Doch jetzt bist du erwacht und du spürst wie etwas in deinem Nacken krabbelt. Neues Haar wächst. Deine Salbung ist zurück. Du fühltest dich so, als ob der Heilige Geist an dir vorübergezogen ist. Mach dich bereit, deine lohnendsten Leistungen sind um die Ecke, so wie Simson auf sie wartete.

Steh auf und rolle deine Matte zusammen. Kein Engel wird gesandt um die Wasser zu bewegen, sondern JESUS selbst geht vorüber und du wirst deine Heilung empfangen. Rolle die Matte zusammen und mach dich bereit zu laufen. Du hast besseres zu tun als hilflos an einem Pool zu legen für den Rest deines Lebens. Du musst Dinge tun, an Orte gehen und Dinge sagen. Deine Heilung wir im Verstand und im Körper sein. Du musst in deinem Verstand geheilt sein, damit du anfangen kannst, die Heilung in deinem Körper zu sehen. Dein Verstand hat es bereits so akzeptiert, dass es immer so sein wird. Aber so ist es NICHT! JESUS geht vorüber!

In diesem Jahr wirst du vergessen wie es ist zu weinen. Dein Lachen wird so tief und so lang sein, es wird wie eine Freisetzung von innen sein. Du wirst nicht glauben können, dass es noch heute Morgen war das du weintest, einsam und verzweifelt warst. Innerhalb 12 Stunden wandelte ER dein Klagelied in einen Freudentanz.

Elia geht vorüber. Er wird dir seinen Mantel überwerfen während du mit dem Joch des Ochsen pflügst. Du wirst den Pflug verbrennen. Du wirst deine säkulare Arbeit verlassen. Du wirst den Ochsen umbringen. Du wirst zusammenpacken. Du wirst endlich Odyssee im Dienst Gottes beginnen, die er dir vor Jahren verheißen hat.

Da ist ein mächtiges Donnern. Es sind die Hufen der Engel, die Freiheit bringen. Ihre Schwerter sind gezogen und ihre Banner fliegen. Deine Feinde, die dich gequält haben, werden nervös. Sie beginnen jetzt ihren Einfluss über dir zu lockern und Verwirrung hat bereits begonnen. Sie zerstreuen sich. Sie werden wie lockere Erde, wo sie dich einst wie Beton festhielten. Deine Feinde werden Prämien und Beute zurücklassen, die du vom Kampf einsammeln wirst. Nicht ein Schuss wird fallen. Das ist ein Kampf, den der HERR selbst kämpft. Deine Feinde zerstreuen sich beim Klang des Herrn der Heerscharen. Das wird plötzlich geschehen. Ich sage es noch einmal, es wird plötzlich geschehen.

Die Investitionen, die du in jemand dir sehr nahe Stehenden gemacht hast, sind nicht umsonst. Diese Jahre der Investitionen – Gebete und Fürbitte, der HERR ist bereits am Werk das Netz des Feindes zu entwirren. Welches er, der Feind, speziell über deinem Sohn gewoben hat. Die Augenbinde über seinen Augen wird abfallen. Er wird sehr deutlich sehen, was er vorher nicht sehen konnte. Er wird die Falle sehen, die für seine Seele ausgelegt war. Wenn er frei ist, wird er dich auch freisetzen. Geh voran und FREUE dich. Es ist so gut wie erledigt.

Dieses Jahr wirst du deinen Namen auf Papiere setzen die deine Zukunft öffnen werden. Eine einfache Unterschrift auf diesen Dokumenten wird der Schlüssel zum öffnen vieler weiterer Schlösser sein. Es ist dein Kindheitstraum.

The angry father complex

A very good posting on our views of the Father. This has some healing wisdom build in.

A journey from the mind back to the heart...

“Brooks was here”

– movie-scene: “The Shawshank Redemption”

Brooks had been in prison most of his life.  He was sentenced to prison when he was a young boy; merely a teenager.  He had never known the comfort of a warm family-nest.  His mother, plagued by youth trauma, was unable to give him affection.  He never encountered the embrace of his father, who was supposed to guide him into the process of manhood; offering him a stable foundation on which he could balance his feet during the storms of life.

Suppressed anger, utter rejection and loneliness had become a lethal cocktail causing a violent outburst at a young age, at the cost of another man’s life, leaving children fatherless.  In a split second, decades were aborted from his life.  Decades later, during the twilight of his life, an old man, stripped from the joys life could have offered him, the system…

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